Joint Degree Program


The DLPP offers a Joint Degree in Law and Education/Disability Studies. This JOINT DEGREE PROGRAM is the first of its kind in the nation. Law students receive the J.D. from the COL and a M.S. in Cultural Foundations of Education (CFE) and Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) in Disability Studies from the School of Education (SOE), one of the highest ranked graduate schools of education in the country. Students receive these two degrees in three years, the same amount of time it takes COL students to complete the J.D., and, typically at no extra expense.

Joint Degree students take 72 credits in the COL (rather than a minimum of 87 credits required of all law students)  and 24 credits in the CFE or DSP (Disability Studies Program) in the SOE,  with approval the student’s COL advisor.  Of the 24 SOE credits, 6 of those credits are COL courses, including  Disability Law,  Advanced Disability LawSpecial Education LawInternational and Comparative Disability Law  or another approved COL course.  For the SOE’s Masters and CAS in Disability Studies, students must take 15 credits in Disability Studies or related courses. The same credits can be used for both the M.S. and the CAS.  Joint Degree students are also required to complete an exam (of  no longer than 20 pages) during the student’s last semester of study in the program. The student’s academic advisor in CFE develops the exam question. (Joint Degree Students do not have the option of a 6 credit thesis as an alternative to the exam and are  not required to take the Introduction to Qualitative Research course, which is required for other students receiving the M.S. in CFE.)  The COL also requires JOINT DEGREE students to complete the COL writing requirement on a disability-related topic in Advanced Disability Law, International and Comparative Disability Law  or  in another COL course, approved by the Director.   JOINT DEGREE students are also eligible to complete the DLPP CURRICULAR PROGRAM in the COL, which is a certification that eligible students completed a certain course sequence.

APPLICATION PROCESS:  To apply for the joint degree program, students must first be admitted to the COL. For COL admissions requirements, click here.

In the spring of their first year, students may apply to the JOINT DEGREE Program, although applications are also accepted from second year students in the fall semester. Applicant must  be recommended and approved by the COL to be admitted into the JOINT DEGREE program. Only law students in good academic standing will be permitted to enroll. Applicants are required to submit an Internal SU Admission Application Form,  a two-page statement describing their interests and other information that may requested by CFE. No undergraduate transcripts or other tests, such as the GREs, are required.  For further information about the Joint Degree Program with the School of Education and other disability-related programs with other colleges throughout Syracuse University, please contact Professor Kanter, Director, who will be happy to work with you to design your own individually-tailored program to meet your personal career goals.